A Mills man has been sentenced in a case involving the death of a baby.

19 year old Matthew Hankins has entered an alford plea, to a 2nd degree murder charge, after Mills police say he killed a 7-month old baby earlier this year.

Sometime during the early morning hours of April 20th, Hankins told police he had smoked some marijuana, then tried to go to sleep at his girlfriend’s house on the 300 block of Benton Avenue.

His girlfriend had 7-month old twin boys, and one of them woke up crying.

Hankins told police he grabbed and held the baby with both hands by the head, and then squeezed and shook the baby for about 5 minutes.

Later in the day, the baby’s mother noticed something was wrong and called police.

An autospy later determined that the baby died of blunt force trauma and that there was severe bruising on the left side of the head.