The murder trial for former marine John Knospler Junior continues in Casper, as a key witness took the stand on Wednesday, December 17th.

Now former bouncer at Racks Gentlemen's Club Ervin Andujar, testified that he saw Knospler enter and exit the club a number of times on the night of the fatal shooting.

During one exit, Andujar asked Knospler if he was leaving and kKnospler said he would be giving away his position.

He also added that earlier, Knospler was talking about how he used to go around the world and shoot people.

Andujar finally did ask kKnospler to leave, after Knospler dropped a blunt.

When James Baldwin made his fatal trip outside that night, Andujar said Baldwin first tried to open the passenger's side door to a car, with no success, then went around to the driver's side.

Andujar said he saw Baldwin lean in, then dropped to the ground.

At first, he thought it was because he was laughing, thinking his friends were in the car.

He added that Baldwin did not punch out the window to the car.

When the car left with Knospler driving, Andujar realized something was wrong.

He initially though it was a stabbing, because he didn't hear a gunshot.

During cross-examination, the defense questioned Andujar's view because it was dark and snowing,

They also called into question if he was watching the entire time, because security video showed a few moments where he looked away.

The defense also played a recording from Andujar's interview with investigators from that night, and pointed out some differences that were said, between that and his testimony.

There is a possibility that the trial may continue into next week.