Yellowstone National Park officials are seeking public comment following a proposal to install or upgrade wireless internet at select, indoor areas throughout the park.

According to a Wednesday news release, the proposal includes installing WiFi equipment at select park lodging facilities and public housing.

The proposal would be paid for by Xanterra Travel Collection and would improve, expand or replace existing wireless internet services to the company's patrons and employees.

Further, no new towers would be installed and the service would only be provided at developed areas. It would not be installed or provided in the backcountry, park roads, campgrounds or picnic areas.

Equipment would only be installed on existing structures and service would be limited to the "general footprint" of each facility.

Under the proposal, 484 small (10"X10") antennas would be installed in or on employee housing and visitor lodging facilities at Canyon Village, Grant Village, Lake Village, Mammoth Hot Springs and Old Faithful.

Additionally, 27 antennas would be installed at locations throughout the above-named areas. Their purpose would be to simply link the developed areas and not broadcast WiFi signals.

Three microwave antennas would be installed on the already existing antenna structure at Mount Washburn. Three antennas would be installed on existing towers at Oldfaithful and Lake VIllage

If possible, all exterior antennas would be located out of view, but if they are visible, they'll be painted to match the buildings on which they are installed.

Those antennas in National Register of Historic Places structures would be located in attic spaces or under eaves.

More information on the project and how to comment can be found here.

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