Yellowstone National Park officials say a black bear had to be killed after it wandered into a backcountry camp and bit a woman on July 6.

According to a statement released on Wednesday, three adults and two children were backpacking three miles from the Hellroaring Trailhead in the northern portion of the park when the bear wandered into the campground.

The bear reportedly walked up to an adult woman, bit her on the right arm and head, which caused minor injuries. The bear also nipped at the right hand of one of the two children.

At that point, the bear walked over to the group's food, which they had ayet to hang, and began consuming it. Rangers responded to the campsite on horseback and the bear was still there eating the hikers' food.

According to the statement, park officials decided to kill the bear due to human safety concerns, namely that it entered an occupied campsite, bit one of the occupants and received a considerable food reward after doing so.

Though the risk of being injured by a black bear while in the backcountry in Yellowstone is roughly 1 in 850,000 for overnight stays, the park still recommends that backcountry campers carry bear spray while hiking and in camp. Hanging food at all times except when cooking or eating is strongly advised.

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