CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — The Wyoming Department of Revenue Liquor Division and an out-of-state company marketing wine through at-home tastings are in a legal battle over perceived liquor sales.

Massachusetts-based Traveling Vineyard sells wine and accessories over the internet, but it markets those products through in-home tastings hosted by members.

Attorneys for the Wyoming Department of Revenue Liquor Division say the model violates state law since Traveling Vineyard "sells" wines in unlicensed establishments at the at-home tastings.

But an attorney for the company argued last week before the Wyoming Supreme Court that a sale never occurs, since money never changes hands during the tastings.

But the Liquor Division disagreed, saying the end goal of a tasting is to get people to buy the wine.

The arguments Thursday came after Traveling Vineyard sued the Liquor Division in federal court, alleging the agency violated its constitutional rights.

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