Economists with the Wyoming Economic Analysis Division say personal incomes in the state grew fractionally during the first quarter of 2014.

Principal economist Jim Robinson said, compared with figures from the fourth quarter of 2013, personal incomes last quarter saw an average gain of 0.4 percent.

“It’s been kind of the pattern that the state has been in the last year or so,” Robinson said. “We’ve been looking at fairly consistent, steady growth over the last four quarters, so, in that regard, the latest information isn’t a surprise to me.”

Compared with other states in the Great Plains and the Intermountain West, Robinson said Wyoming's growth rate is average.

“One of the things that had an impact on the numbers for the Rocky Mountain states and also the Plains states was the drop in crop prices in the early portion of 2014,” Robinson said. “That, kind of, pulled down some of that growth.”

Robinson says Washington, Vermont, and West Virginia led the nation with a 1.2 percent growth rate. North Dakota had the lowest growth rate at -2.9 percent.