Wildlife and highways often don’t mix well together but thanks to new efforts by the Wyoming Land Trust a key migration route at the foot of the Wind River Mountains will be safer for both people and wildlife. Approximately 200 miles of fence will be erected along the migration route at the foot of the Wind River Mountains. 

The Wyoming Land Trust has begun erecting fencing in an effort to protect migrating mule deer and other big game animals. Landowners are also helping in the efforts to construct over 200 miles of fence along the migration route. Once the fencing is completed it will allow wildlife to pass safely through it and hopefully reach their destination.

The Corridor Conservation Campaign was launched in 2008 by the Wyoming Land Trust. Their goal is to modify and reconstruct 500 miles of fencing along key migration routes in western Wyoming. As of now, 104 miles of fencing have been erected and the Wyoming Land Trust hopes to have the project completed by 2013.