Wyoming's unemployment rate held steady in September at 4.0% according to a new state report.

Most Wyoming counties saw only a very small change or no change at all in unemployment from August to September.

A year-over-year comparison shows a drop in unemployment between September 2014 and last month, from 4.7% to 4.0%.

The Research and Planning Section of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services says the jobless rate fell in seventeen Wyoming counties between September 2014 and last month. Two counties, Converse and Fremont Counties, saw no change in unemployment between September 2014 and last month.

But the fact that most counties either saw a decline in unemployment or no change was somewhat balanced by the fact that among the counties where the jobless rate went up year-over-year were three of the counties with relatively large populations. Natrona County (up from 3.8% to 4.4%), Campbell (from 3.2% to 3.3%) and Sweetwater (from 3.9% to 4%).

The fourth county showing a jobless rate increase was Sublette County (from 3.9% to 4.1%).

All four of the counties seeing an unemployment rate increase are major energy producing areas, which is not surprising in view of the impact of low oil and natural gas prices on Wyoming's economy.

The largest unemployment rates in the state in September were found in Fremont County (4.5%) and Natrona County (4.4%). Teton County (2.2%) and Niobrara County (2.3%) had the lowest jobless rates.

Wyoming's overall jobless rate has now hovered between 4.0% and 4.2% for the last ten months. That's still considerably lower then the current national unemployment rate of 5.1% in September, according to the report.