Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon on Wednesday said he is disturbed by the sentiment among some that those who have died of the novel coronavirus would have passed away regardless of whether they contracted COVID-19.

"There is no constitutional right to go infect somebody else. There is no constitutional right that says you can put others in harm's way," Gordon said.

Wyoming has seen 22 deaths due to COVID-19, with the most recent coming this week in Sweetwater County.

"I grieve, along with their families, any of these people who die. So when somebody sends me a note that says 'well, these people are going to die anyway, they're just dying sooner,' I've got to say I'm offended," "And as an American, I think most people are going to be offended by the notion that people should just get this COVID-19 and get out of the way. I'm sick and tired of that."

"Our country and our nation needs to be open. We need to behave in a way that is conscientious of one another," Gordon said. "So let's behave and let's be mindful of our neighbors. That's the country I grew up in. That's the neighborhood I grew up in."

Gordon on Monday announced that Wyoming's current public health orders have been extended through the end of the month. He emphasized that state officials had been "well on our way" to relieving those orders before the recent spike in cases.

Gordon also said Wyoming has seen 700 new cases of the coronavirus in the past month. The number of hospitalizations due to the virus continues to rise, he added.

"I think this is related to the people taking a more casual attitude toward what they can do to do the right thing to make sure that we keep our economy open, we keep our friends and neighbors -- and our grandparents -- healthy," Gordon said.

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