Springtime in Wyoming means wildlife babies are making an appearance but whether you're heading out into the woods or just watching the roadside, wildlife experts say if you see a wildlife baby on its own the best thing to do is leave it alone.

"It's that time of year when baby critters are out and about, and a lot of people will see them by themselves and think that they're left alone and their mother's not coming back," says Brian Olsen, Regional Wildlife Supervisor with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, and adds that's rarely the case. "The mother usually leaves their babies to go out and feed and things like that, and it's very normal. So if they have a thought that maybe that animal's left by themselves they should certainly call the Game and Fish before they even touch or get near it at all." He also points out that it's illegal to take the animals.

Game and Fish Public Information Specialist Janet Milek says people are usually just trying to help, but such actions could prove fatal to the babies. "One of the things they don't understand is that even though they have good intentions, if they are picking up the antelope, the deer, the birds, it's almost 100% certainty that that animal will not make it, so we will likely have to euthanize it. Even if we try to return it to the antelope herd that it is from the mother will certainly abandon it at that point."

If you see a wildlife baby and have concerns Milek says they'll be happy to come out and investigate to see if the animal is truly abandoned or not.  For these and any other questions about Wyoming's wildlife, you can contact your regional Game and Fish office.

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