The application deadline for Casper area homeowners, which includes Evansville, Bar Nunn and Mills, who need help with exterior repairs ends January 31st. The 2011 World Changers Program is administered through the city of Casper's Housing and Community Development Division.

Type of work done:

"So in the month of January, we are taking applications from homeowners who need to have exterior repairs done, and typically the things we do are repair or replace roofs, windows, doors, paint the exterior of the home, clean up the yard, fix the fence, or even build ramps for accessibility for persons with disabilities."

Robin Mundell, housing and community development manager for the city, says the World Changers Program is meant for low income people with a mortgage or title to a stick built, single family home.

Meant for modest means:

"Homeowners can't have more than 25-thousand dollars in assets, not counting a house or a car, so we're trying to reach those people who are really low, low income, or are handicapped or disabled or elderly, who do not have the resources to do this kind of work."

The application period ends with the month of January, and World Changers supplies the labor, which is done in a four- or five-day push in the summer.

Work done this summer:

"The city of Casper uses its Community Development block grant funds, and Wyoming Community Development Authority also provides some of their community pride and revitalization money and we use that to purchase the materials. World Changers provides the labor. World Changers lines up all the meals and all the transportation and everything. When they come on the site on Tuesday, the 28th of June, we have the porta-potty there, the dumpster there, and we have all the materials that they need."

Ms. Mundell said the first step for interested homeowners is to call 234-0014 to set up a time to submit an application. She did say if someone has problems getting to the city offices for the application appointment, they will go to the homeowner.

And, Mundell said, there are requirements to submit an application.

Application requirements:

"It has to be the single-family home so there's no apartments on the property and in a residential zone, the title in the applicants name. And we only do exterior work. They must lived in the home for one year, as of the time that World Changers will be there. They have to be current on their mortgage payments and their taxes. If they have filed for bankruptcy it must be discharged, and they must be a U.S. citizen."

World Changers has helped 410 homeowners in the Casper Area for the 14 years they have partnered with the city. They will rehabilitate about 20 homes this summer. The number again, 234-0014.