Wyoming is such a beautiful state. There are a lot of opportunities for anyone who wants to build just about any kind of dream.

So why is it the least populated state?

80% of America lives East of what seems to be a dividing line between the Midwest and the east coast.

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There are some big pockets of population on the west coast, but the eastern side of the nation has most of the nations numbers.

So why are states like Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, the Dakotas, and even planes like Arizona, New Mexico Idaho and Utah so sparsely populated?

In fact if you look at places like Kansas and Oklahoma you'll see a dividing line of their populated side and unpopulated side.

The nation seems to have a line right down the middle where the population abruptly stops.

Have you ever noticed that there are a sting of cities along that dividing line of light?

Winnipeg, Fargo, Sioux Falls, Omaha, Lincoln, Wichita, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio.

A line of cities stretching from San Antonio to Winnipeg marks a cutoff of population, with 80% of Americans living on one side, and a mere 20% on the other.

About 254 million American live on the east side of that line.

Roughly 71 Million live on the west side of that line. Most of that 71 Million live in cities on the west coast.

53 million live in West Coast Cities while only 17 million live in the center of the country.

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Fewer people live in that middle area than live in the New York City suburbs.

According to the Youtube page That's Interesting, the line is drawn where the land becomes more arid.

Also, after the arid planes, the hills then mountains only climb higher, making it more difficult to grow large cities.

The entire eastern side of the United States is rolling hills and low mountains with plenty of fertile soil and rain.

YouTube Screen Grabs
YouTube Screen Grabs

So as America expanded most people passed over the land that was harder to live on in favor of the land that was easier.

The video, that you can watch above, shows that this scenario plays out around the rest of the world.

It's easy to point out today buy looking at night satellite photos of Earth and seeing where the city lights are and where it is dark.

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Wyoming is a beautiful state, but a hard one to live in. That is why we have the smallest population.

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