The weather forecast for this weekend’s Buffalo Bills game in Western New York isn’t looking great. 

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On Saturday night, the Bills will take on the Miami Dolphins in a highly anticipated AFC east rematch. Although we won’t see nearly as much snow as the winter storm that hit Western New York a few weeks ago, forecasts are currently calling for high winds and up to 18 inches of snow accumulation in Orchard Park.

That being said, if it happens to snow more (you never know), Josh Allen has said he is ready - thanks to his #1 snow removal weapon.

Back in late November, when Orchard Park saw so much snow the Bills game was relocated from Highmark Stadium to Detroit, many Buffalo Bills players saw themselves in a predicament trying to get out of their homes and get to the stadium and the airport.

We saw so many tweets and videos of helpful fans pitching in to plow players’ driveways to get them to where they needed to be on time. One of those helpful fans went viral for getting Josh Allen’s driveway cleared so he could get to the stadium - a farmer named “Squirrel.” 

Squirrel Winter, a lifelong Western New Yorker, became famous overnight after Josh Allen stated in a pre-game interview that he helped him plow him out of his driveway with his John Deere tractor.

When news of this weekend’s upcoming winter weather broke, Allen was again asked if Squirrel would be ready to bail him out if he needed a way out of the snow.

Reassuringly, we now know that, yes - Squirrel is ready.

Bills fans all over Western New York can breathe a sigh of relief every gameday that it snows - knowing that if we need him, Squirrel will be there to the rescue.

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