Well folks, I’m here to ask the questions nobody does or cares about. What exactly can I find at a thrift store? Lucky for you, I’ve done the hard-hitting journalism to find out. First let’s take a look at what exactly a thrift store is.

For those of you who have maybe been living in a commune, a cult, or just under a rock a thrift store is basically where you get things for cheap. It is a second-hand store (general term meaning pre-used) where people donate their old clothes, Knick knacks, accessories for other people to buy and use, wear, or modify. For those of you who might have come from a commune, think about it like getting to buy your older sibling's clothes after they’re done with them. Except your sibling actually had cool stuff, and they never let you touch them... like ever.

Most of these establishments donate the money they make to certain charities. And many are run by volunteers. As someone who practically grew up in thrift stores, they are filled with so much nostalgia, finding baggy pants with holes already in them even though they weren’t made that way, playing with transformers with missing limbs, or clacking the keys of a broken typewriter, I will always love thrift stores. They were a huge help to me and my family in some hard times and I will always support their business.

All in all, thrift shops are an A1 way to spend your time. Bring some friends, talk to the workers and fellow shoppers, I have never seen a mean person in a thrift store. If you have old clothes and are living comfortably, donate them. Thrift stores are an easy way to give back to your community and give to charity.

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