Armed with stickpins, Eclipse visitors crowded around a map of the world Sunday afternoon to leave their mark and let Casper know how far they traveled to share in the celestial experience.

The map, located outside of Eclipse Festival Headquarters at Second and David, bristled with the little red pins marking home from Sri Lanka to Moscow, Argentina to Eastern Europe, and points scattered all across the United States as tourists lined up to pin their hometowns and Casperites seemed awed by the far-flung diversity of their guests.

Eclipse Map, Susan Burk, Townsquare Media

The downtown crowds increased over the weekend as the big day approached, and many different languages filled the air as the visitors took in the music, culture, food, and fun of the Eclipse Festival.

Some 35,000 visitors are expected in the Casper area for the total solar eclipse on August 21st.

Eclipse Map, Susan Burk, Townsquare Media
Susan Burk, Townsquare Media