The new top dog has been named for a Casper animal facility.

Tori Cutrell has the named the new Division Manager for Casper Metro Animal Control.

She says she's looking to make a number of changes in terms of community involvement, promoting responsible pet ownership, and remodeling the shelter.

Most importantly, Cutrell says she wants to change the image of the division, in the eyes of the public.

"When the shelter was built 20 years ago, it was a dog pound. It was just meant to house dogs. It wasn't meant to be an adoption facility, that's why there's no bonding rooms, or anywhere to meet the pets. Dog catchers is a stigma that we're trying to overcome. obviously, we're much more sort of community service officers. we're out there, not just to enforce the city codes and the state laws, but also to educate the public."

Metro Animal Control is overseen by the Casper Police Department.