Wyoming loves their pets, but are there laws to protect them? What if you encountered a dog trapped in a hot car? What would you do? Legally, what can you do?

City ordnance 6.04.210 section B reads:

It is considered cruel and therefore unlawful for a person to leave a dog or cat unattended in a motor vehicle when the temperature is seventy degrees Fahrenheit or above, unless, in the opinion of the officer, adequate ventilation and water is provided.

So it is possible to get a ticket for leaving your pet in the car on a summer day. Giving the animal good ventilation and water helps, but Casper Metro Animal Control recommends leaving your pet at home. What should you do if you find an animal that is at risk?

Scott Schell, Casper Metro Animal Supervisor, said:

If people see any animal in such a situation contact either Metro Animal Services at 235-8398 or Casper PD at 235-8278, 911 in case of immediate danger to animal.

According to AnimalLaw.info, there are 12 states where anyone who sees a dog locked in a hot car may break into the car without fear of legal repercussion. The majority of laws allow only emergency personnel to rescue an animal which is the case for Casper. There are no laws allow someone to break into a car to save an animal.

What happens when a Metro officer responds to a call of an animal in danger?

Metro Officer will make contact with the owner to educate them on the dangers (Metro Animal Control advocates people to leave your dog at home, and how quickly they can get in distress). If the animal is in real danger the Metro Officer can break the window to remove the animal and take it to a veterinarian, and the owner ticketed. - Scott Schell, Casper Metro Animal Supervisor

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