Partner agencies serving low income populations in Natrona County threw a barbecue this weekend.

The 'Take Action Against Poverty' event in Washington Park, hosted by the Community Action Partnership, was an invitation to relax and picnic, but also to listen to facts tallied during a recent survey of families living below the national poverty guidelines.

"We have so many families that actually fall within those poverty guidelines.  And again, 63% of them are working either one or two jobs, most of them full time, but they're families that are really struggling to get by."

Brenda Eickhoff-Johnson is CAP director and she suggests that many people assume that if a family is struggling they probably aren't working hard enough, but  she says its often about education.

"A lot of them have struggled and are working with just a a GED or high school diploma. Its tough to get a livable wage when your working within that arena and trying to get jobs in what is sometimes a very competitive market like it is right now."

Saturday's  event was a chance to raise awareness and also to celebrate the organizations that work together locally to support families and individuals in need.  Stage III Theater brought to life the faces of poverty  in the form of living bronze statues representing such iconic images as The Bag Lady, The Homeless Vet and Homeless Mother and Child.  (See Photo Gallery)

Community Action Partnership is currently transitioning into full management of Life Steps Campus where many of Natrona County's social service agencies are housed.