If you want to Hang 10, Wyoming is not necessarily the first state you would think of to try out your surfing skills. However there are opportunities in the Cowboy State.

You could always hit your favorite lake and do some surfing behind the boat or you could do what these fellows did on the Snake River in western Wyoming. To celebrate International Surf Day on June 20th, Bryan Iguchi and Cam FitzPatrick took to some of the largest whitewater rapids in the Jackson Hole area and shared the river with whitewater rafters to ride a few waves Rocky Mountain style.

Ride the Snake from WRKSHRT Digital on Vimeo.

Now if you are looking for instruction on how to surf behind the boat, here is some instruction on how to wakesurf on any body of water.

There is even a company that makes Surf Wyoming gear to celebrate your ability to surf in the Cowboy State. See more from them HERE.