The Platte River Parkway gets its annual spring cleaning this Saturday morning.  Platte River Parkway Trust Executive Director, Angela Emery, says the tradition pre-dates her.

"I think it started back 15 years ago or so. The Parkway Board was saying, 'Hey, we need to clean up the trail after the long winter months. A few people would come out and join us and now, last year, we had close to a hundred folks. It certainly does make the work go faster when you have more volunteers."

There will be no tree planting this year, in part, because of the high water. Instead she says they'll save that tree planting energy for a later enhancement project around the Pumphouse Trail Center.

Emery says the high water means they'll take some extra precautions, "alerting people to the fact that the river is higher, some areas are marshier than they might appear at first glance. There's plenty of trash to be picked up adjacent to the trail. So we're just encouraging people to keep their eyes open and maybe not venture too far off the trail."

Volunteers will meet around 9am Saturday at the Tate Pumphouse west parking lot. Clean up supplies will be available. Groups of volunteers will fan out along the 10 mile parkway system and the Casper Rail Trail to pickup trash and install new mile markers until about noon.

The trail cleanup happens in partnership with Keep Casper Beautiful.