Fireworks Festival 2012 in now in the books. I realize I might be a little biased, but I thought it was terrific! Each year the show gets bigger and better. Each year inevitably someone comes down the hill feeling a little let down. Don't feel too bad! You could've been in San Diego on July 4th.

Do to some sort of magnificent mishap or miscommunication, this year's Big Bay Boom lived up to the name, went up in smoke, and shot its entire wad in one gigantic star-spangled swoop. What should have been a 17 minute extravaganza became a 17 second embarrassment. When all was said and done, the patriotic music continued and the crowds were left shaking their heads.

"I was waiting around wondering what happened, wondering whether there was going to be a do-over," she said.

There was no do-over.

"It shook the whole building. I thought it was a bomb or that someone was shooting everybody," said Teagan Hamblin, a Kansas resident who was visiting San Diego. "Car alarms every kind of noise came on. It was really unexpected.

The story and the footage below was relayed by CNN with amateur video taken from YouTube.

So while you may feel you didn't get all that you deserved on your Fourth of July holiday. Remember it could always be worse. the way; I want to give you all a big pat on the back for realizing the seriousness of our current fire restrictions. During all my time with Fireworks Fest, and even though they've been outlawed during all that time, every year someone manages to sneak in some fireworks and provide some additional entertainment of their own. For the very first time, this year I saw NONE. And I know it's not because you don't enjoy your firecrackers. You deserve a big THANK YOU!

We hope you had a great holiday! Thanks for making ours!

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