A Casper broadcasting pioneer, philanthropist and patron of the arts died in Casper Friday. Jack Rosenthal began the broadcasting portion of a distinguished career in 1957, with an investment in a radio station in Buffalo. He became vice president and general manager of KTWO Radio and Television in 1964, in Casper, where he was a mentor and inspiration to many who would make broadcasting a career, such as Townsquare Media's Bob Price.

There were numerous times over the past 41 years that I wanted to tell him to go to hell and he was quite willing to accept that wish -- because good mentors know the only thing that counts in the long run is you must find out who you are.

My path continues but I have lost the one who taught me never to give in, simply he would not let me give in.

Early on I knew if I could just keep my mouth shut there would be a tremendous amount to learn from this fellow and I have. We all have.

The Broadcast craft here in the state of Wyoming is a special privilege. He understood that and we all came to the same ethic through his counsel and uncanny sense for public service.

He was a man of many grand accomplishments and his sense of charity was enormous, as was his personal giving which he demanded must remain quiet.

The following from a Nobel Prize winner in Literature, Romain Rolland.

“If a man is to shed the light of the sun upon other men,

He must first of all have it within himself.”

Jack Rosenthal dead at the age of 80. The end of an era.

I’m Bob Price.

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