Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul made a campaign stop in Cheyenne Friday morning.

The U.S. Senator from Kentucky told supporters at a rally at Little America about his plan to defeat the Washington machine.

Senator Paul says one thing he would do is put a stop to the new coal regulations President Obama is putting forward.

"I think the balance is way out of wack right now," said Senator Paul. "In fact, I think the president has had no concern for our jobs, the economy or for Wyoming or Kentucky at all."

Senator Paul says Kentucky, which is the third largest coal-producing state behind Wyoming and West Virginia, has lost 7,000 jobs because of President Obama's regulations.

"One of the things people don't realize about coal production and coal-fired plants is all of the emissions have been going down for 40 years," said Senator Paul. "If you look at mercury, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, even the EPA admits it's been getting less over 40 years."

Senator Paul says shutting down plants would also have a dramatic impact on electricity, since nearly half of the country runs off coal-fired power.

"I think we have to be very careful," said Senator Paul. "The people who want to shut down coal plants and shut down coal mining, they have to realize that we're going to lose some of the benefits of electricity as well."