Rex Rammell made his withdrawal from the Wyoming Congressional race publically official and has announced who he will endorse.

At a short Press conference in downtown Casper, he said he will be campaigning for Darin Smith.

Here is his official statement...

Recent polls for Wyoming's Congressional seat have it as a two horse race between Liz Cheney in first and Darin Smith a close second.   Therefore, effective today, I am suspending my campaign and endorsing Darin Smith for the sake and the future of the good people of Wyoming.   

There is much at stake in this race.  If Liz Cheney wins Wyoming will have to deal with the continuation of the corruption of establishment politics that she represents and is ruining this country.  This race is now establishment vs. non establishment, money and corruption vs. honor and integrity, electing a son of Wyoming or daughter of Washington D.C.

Darin and I first met at the Republican State Convention in April and soon became conservative allies in a race we hoped would end with one of us headed for Washington D.C.  It wasn't long after our friendship developed that I realized in order for that to happen it would likely require one of us drop out.  Well that time has come and I have decided to bow out and throw my support his way to give him the best chance of winning.  

This is my third state wide race in the last decade and I have become a pretty good judge of character.  I can honestly say Darin is one of finest men I have ever met.  He is a man of faith and family and is a true conservative.   He is also qualified to borrow my campaign slogan "Wyoming Tough."   Wyoming will be well represented with Darin Smith as her Congressman.  Please join me in sending "Mr. Smith to Washington."

Actually, Smith is sitting at 2.5% of the vote in the most recent poll, and the one-two candidates are Liz Cheney and Tim Stubson.