A spokeswoman for the Wyoming Secretary of State's office says that office is looking into allegations that a long-time Republican legislator from Laramie County does not live in his district.

But Rep. Dan Zwonitzer, in an email to Townsquare Media earlier this week, denied those allegations.

State Republican Party Chair Frank Eathorne filed a complaint which includes the following comments:

On behalf of the Central Committee of the Wyoming Republican Party (Central Committee) I am notifying you of a resolution passed at the Committee’s meeting Saturday, January 24, 2022, in Douglas Wyoming. It was moved that documentation provided to me, and subsequently to the Central Committee, regarding Representative Zwonitzer be sent to the Secretary of State for immediate investigation as to whether he is acting outside his district of representation.

Pursuant to the passage of that resolution, I am forwarding you this documentation, which indicates that Representative Zwonitzer is not residing in House District 10, the District he is representing, and has not resided in the District since perhaps February of 2021.

The Wyoming constitution Article 3 Section 2 requires that a legislator must reside in the District he or she represents. We ask for your consideration and that appropriate actions be taken.

Zwonitzer, when contacted by Townsquare Media via email earlier this week said "I'm still in my district."

Zwonitzer has served in the legislature since 2005.

In 2021 he chaired the House Corporations, Elections, and Political Subdivisions Committee as well as House Judiciary Committee and the Select Committee on Legislative Facilities Technology and Process.

He was a member of several other legislative committees.

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