Both sides have rested in the John Knospler Junior murder trial.

Update Tuesday, December 23, 10:25am: The defense has rested, and Knospler did not testify.

A former Marine who served with Knospler testified on how Knospler would remain calm and cool under pressure, and talked some about rules of engagement with a gun.

The prosecution cross-examined by mentioning that Knospler had been demoted from Sergeant to Corporal in 2008, and that he was written up at one point for making poor judgement due to drinking.

Final arguments will be made this afternoon, and the case will go to the jury.

Original story: An expert evidence analyst testified for the defense in regards to tire tracks in the snow in the parking lot of Rack's Gentlemen's Club and how broken pieces of the driver's side window ended up all the way in the passenger's side door pocket of Knospler's car.

The car had been parked before the snowfall started, and was parked front side out, so that Knospler would not have to back the car out when he left.

There were two sets of tracks in the snow in front of the parking space.

One went straight forward, while another showed the car was turning to the right.

A small snow pile was found where the front tires were and it has been suggested that the car tires were spinning due to poor traction from the snow,

Knospler tried to pull forward first, spun the tires, backed up, then tried again forward to the right.

As for the window, the analyst said that the bullet was fired from within the car, and there was not enough force behind the bullet, that when it hit the window, that enough window pieces would have ended up on the passenger's side, when the window shattered.

An outside force coming from the other direction had to be the cause, which could have been James Baldwin's fist.

The prosecution cross-examined by asking how having a blood alcohol content of .208 would alter a person's thought process when handling a gun.

Also, a former acquaintance of baldwin, Kevin Elkin, testified on how he knew Baldwin almost six years ago.

Elkin claimed Baldwin had a violent and unpredictable personality, and made reference to a time in Green Rriver, when Baldwin attacked him.

The belief was that Elkin had attacked two girls, when in truth, he was protecting them from another attacker.