Both the prosecution and the defense have started their work in a trial of a Natrona County man accused of second degree murder.

In their opening statements, prosecutors say Charlie Mapp had opportunities to leave the area, after Mapp got into an argument with the victim, Richard Abeyta, over Mapp making advances on Abeyta's girlfriend, but he stayed.

Police investigators say Mapp was the only one who was uncooperative when officers arrived at the scene, and prosecutors say the state crime lab can estimate that Mapp's blood alcohol content was anywhere from .12 to .23 at the time.

The defense said in their opening statement that Abeyta said he was going to kill Mapp, and then Mapp went outside.

Mapp's claim is that he didn't leave because he was intoxicated, and a short time later, Abeyta also went outside and charged at Mapp, who in turn drew his gun and fired in order to defend himself, in the only way that he could.

Defense attorney's are questioning statements made by many other people that were at the party back in August 2014, because many of them were also intoxicated, and their recollection of events isn't so clear.