Most people who consume alcohol don't have a few drinks at a social event and then wake up an alcoholic the next day.

The basic cycle an addict goes through is the initial use, abuse, tolerance builds, dependence, addiction, then relapse. Repeat.

K2Radio News talks with Shelby McMillan, an administrator with New Vision--a withdrawal management and stabilizatinon service for adults with drug, alcohol or related health issues.

You can listen to the full podcast here. 

New Vision has been around for about 35 yeras, but they are new to Wyoming. Located at 6350 E. Second Street in Casper.

"We're the newest site, we're the furthest West, and we're the most rural" shares McMillan.

Her goal is telling people what New Vision offers; "Believe it or not, a lot of people in addiction don't know where to turn."

We talk about recovery and second chances, and the philosophy the founders held--"addiction is a treatable disease".

"We're the people who think they can be served. As long as they're treated with dignity and respect, they can come out of it" says McMillan.

McMillan says that they do accept medicaire, medicaid and all private insurances.

"All we need is a patient who is willing and ready to get sober. We don't need a referral from an outside party."

New Vision has protocols for alcohol, opiates, fentanyl, meth/stimulants and benzodiazapine.

"We don't want to have a revolving door--we try to hold our patients accountable by saying, 'you can't come to us more than once in 30 days or more than 3 times in one year'" says McMillan.

"I think a big factor in how effective it [treatment] is, is how they're treated right when they make the decision to get sober." McMillan believes dignity and respect go a long way.

Patients can expect to get good sleep in treatment--"and that might surprise you, but some people come in for help and they haven't had good sleep for years and years" says McMillan. "And finally getting some good food."

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