The Industrial Siting Council decision to permit the construction of 62 wind turbines in the mountains south of Glenrock will be challenged by a Converse County opposition group. Here's more on Pioneer Wind Parks I and II

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The wind farm projects by Utah-based, Wasatch Wind, mean turbines will be placed in what is for many a pristine area of the state. The group, Northern Laramie Range Alliance, presented a well organized opposition and now say they will challenge the decision in court.

Michelle Stevens, spokesperson for Wasatch Wind says the company was careful to work with the county and state to ensure they followed all regulations and statutes.

"We've really worked closely with the public and we recognize that some are opposed, but hundreds of people in the community are supportive and we've met hundreds in the community over the last few years who are excited about the projects and the revenue that will come to the county."

The Industrial Siting Council's decision comes with conditions; an increased decommissioning bond of 18.8 million, a road use agreement that calls for additional bonding for road repairs and improvements, requirements for radar triggered lights to minimize light pollution.

"Another condition of our permit is that we will finish two years of wildlife surveys prior to beginning construction of the wind energy facility. So with that new condition we will rearrange our construction timeline."

The Wind Parks will go up in two stages, each with 31 turbines, placed on private lands in the Laramie Range with construction traffic using Mormon Canyon road south of Glenrock.