A plane that crash landed at the Natrona County International Airport today resulted in the pilot walking away without any injuries.

According to Mike Hindershot with the Natrona County International Airport, around 5:45am the control tower reported that an aircraft had crashed on the runway.

When fire crews arrived on scene, the pilot was out of the aircraft, walking around and surveying the damage. There were no passengers on board.

Hindershot says that based on the extensive damage to the aircraft, the pilot was lucky not to have sustained any injuries.

"The pilot was fortunate." said Hindershot. "Based on the damage to the aircraft it could have turned out a lot worse, but he was able to walk away from it."

The non-commercial twin engine piper chieftain was flying into Casper from Denver. The plane was lined up to land on the runway when it experienced a "hard hit to the surface."

Hindershot says that they believe a mechanical issue is to blame for the incident, but it remains under investigation.