During the third annual Wyoming Craft Beer Week from June 10 – June 17, participating breweries will release a West Coast IPA collab, with each brewery putting its own unique spin on the base recipe.

There will also be a limited-edition pint glass featuring Devil’s Tower will be available. The purchase of this glass supports WWPC’s work to keep Wyoming wild and beautiful.

Beer and outdoor enthusiasts can find the IPA brew and glass in participating taprooms starting Tuesday, June 13.

“Protecting and preserving the natural resources in Wyoming is crucial to our breweries, as those resources help us with our craft,” said Michelle Forster, executive director of Wyoming Craft Brewers Guild. “We continue partnering with the Wyoming Weed and Pest Council to raise awareness of the impact invasive species can have in our beautiful state.”

The Wyoming Weed and Pest states that agricultural products like barley, wheat, rye, oats, and hops rely heavily on invasive species management to create a product worthy of Wyoming brew kettles.

"But it isn’t just about controlling weeds in barley fields. Invasive weeds and pests can threaten Wyoming’s economy, food supply, native habitats, diverse ecosystems, and, in some cases, public health. WWPC is committed to stopping the spread of invasive species through awareness, education, and community engagement."

Participating Breweries

Wyoming Weed & Pest's Most Notorious Species

June 05, 2023

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