For 23 years, he was the first voice people in Casper heard every morning.

And one year ago Monday, that voice was stilled.

Brian Scott, as he was known on the air, and Brian Gamroth as everyone else knew him, was taken from us all in a tragic motorcycle accident in Montana.

Susan Burk, Frank Gambino and I were confronted with the impossible task of carrying on without him.

I don’t mind telling you all, that we are all veterans of this business with decades of broadcasting between us, but taking over a program that was so much a part of this city’s very existence was daunting to say the least.

And the key thing we’d like to say is that none of us wanted this task.

If Frank and I could walk in every morning knowing that Brian was working away in the studio preparing that day’s show, we would grab that in a heartbeat.

But as the old entertainment bromide goes, the show must go on.

But, whatever we do, and whatever happens on the air from 6am to 10 every morning, we live in the shadow of Brian, and what he created at KTWO.

He set the bar high, and though we’ll probably never truly reach it, it gives us a standard to try to uphold.

It’s a standard of professionalism, fun, information and simple communication with the radio listeners of Casper.

We have tried, and will try harder every day, but for all three of us, the spirit of Brian Scott is still in that studio. The gentle voice of Brian Scott is still something people expect to hear, and I suspect, are saddened all over again when they realize he won’t be there to fill their morning hours.

Brian’s family knows this better than any of us, but we three are fully aware that this void can’t be filled by anyone.

The best we all can do is carry on as he would have urged. His advice would be, just be prepared and do the show. Help Casper get ready for another day.

We will, but on this day, one year later, the pain is still fresh, the loss still hurts, and the memories come flooding back.

We join all of you in saying, Brian, we miss you, buddy.

- Roger Gray

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