A new map published by the site Movoto, compares gun ownership in every state to nations across the world. Citing data that estimates a national average of 88.8 guns per 100 people, they concluded that there are more guns in the state of Wyoming than the entire country of Honduras.

While that may be true, the Movoto article, which estimates just over 500,000 guns in the state, doesn't accurately represent the real number of firearms in Wyoming.

According to recent surveys, nearly 60% of households in Wyoming own at least one gun. Depending on what study you read, that percentage is either the highest, or among the highest, rates of gun ownership in the country.

So, if six out every ten homes in the state has a gun, just how many guns are there in Wyoming? Research suggests that, among American households who do have guns, there are approximately three guns for every person.

Assuming that number is just as high in Wyoming, which is a conservative estimate, that would put the approximate number of firearms in Wyoming at just over 1,050,000, or roughly 1.8 guns for every man, woman and child in the state.

According to the Movoto map, that would mean there are more guns in the state of Wyoming than the countries of Honduras and Hungary combined.