The Natrona County School District's website has qualified as a finalist for the SchoolE Award.

The Natrona County School District has gone to great lengths to enhance the community's online experience when visiting their website. And the judges for the 2011 School E Awards have taken notice by making the site a finalist.

"I think the design over all is beautiful."

Jennifer Cousineau (koo-zih-no)is a communications specialist for the school district.

"It is a lot more user-friendly than what we previously had. When my team met with Adbay to work on the design, the user end is what we had in mind. That was our goal, to make it as user friendly as possible."

Shawn Houck is the owner of

"The site that we sort of envisioned for them was, take them beyond a phone directory, which is kind of what their site was before and kind of move the website into a tool that educators could use,  that students could use. Everybody could sort of be contributing information to this thing."

The School E Awards contest is not only about finding the best designed website, it is also about recognizing districts and the community around them that spread the word and get involved in the nomination and voting process.

Anyone with a valid e-mail address, Facebook or Twitter account will be able to vote. Visit, or before May fifth to get your vote in.

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