A Casper man has admitted to pointing a gun at motorists outside of an elementary school.

Twenty-three year old Nathaniel Walker was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in jail, after he pled guilty to five misdemeanor counts of breach of peace and one misdemeanor count of pedestrian under the influence.

Casper Police say on Friday afternoon February 28th, Walker was in the area around North Casper Elementary and was pointing what turned out to be a BB gun at a number of motorists.

Several witness told officers that at times when Walker was pointing the gun at them, he would make a motion with his hand as if he was pulling the trigger.

Walker admitted that he had been drinking earlier in the day, and a breathalyzer showed he had a blood alcohol content of .13.

Walker could be accepted into the in patient treatment program after he serves 90 days of his sentence, and if he completes the program, the court could call him back for a sentence review.

Walker's actual sentence was five consecutive six month sentences (2 1/2 years total) for the breach of peace charges, and then a concurrent six month sentence for the pedestrian under the influence charge.