The Cheyenne Police Department is looking for physically fit applicants to join the force.

Officer Dan Long says the CPD will hold testing again in April for anyone interested in joining the department, adding the agency currently has five openings.

Chief Brian Kozak is warning potential applicants to get in shape beforehand. He says last month the department tested 20 applicants in the physical fitness category, but only one applicant was able to pass. The chief says the physical test includes running, pushups and situps.

Kozak says training guidelines for passing the physical portion of the testing process will soon be posted on the police department website.

Besides the physical testing, applicants must pass a background check, written examination and oral testing.

They must also pass courses at the Wyoming law enforcement academy in Douglas. Long says it typically takes about a year to become a Cheyenne Police officer. The exact dates and times for the April tests have yet to be announced.