Cheyenne-based meteorologist Don Day Jr. says cooler, wetter weather over the next few days should help firefighters take the offensive against the Badger Creek Fire, which is raging in southern Wyoming.

At last report, the blaze had grown to almost 15,000 acres with no containment in sight. The battle against the fire has not been helped by dry, windy weather this week.

But Day, who is the founder and owner of Dayweather Inc. in Cheyenne says cooler, rainy weather should arrive in the area by Saturday evening and through Sunday. While the rain won't be enough to put the fire out, Day says what it will do is "stem the tide, slow the fire down, and give them the opportunity to go on offense rather than defense."

In terms of the overall fire season, Day also says the cooler, wetter weather expected over the next couple of weeks should help dampen the overall fire danger across southern Wyoming and Colorado going into early July.

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