A Casper man has been arrested for interfering with emergency crews.

According to Casper police, back on Saturday November 5th, officers and fire crews were called to the 1000 block of North Elma, for a report of a fire alarm.

When police arrived they found smoke coming from within one of the apartments, as a result of burned food.

An officer made contact with Mathew Bell, who initially provided a false name.

The officer was able to detect a very strong odor of alcohol on Bell's breath, and then later found out that bell was on probation and was not supposed to be drinking.

Afterwards, while trying to contact Bell's probation officer, police were informed that Bell had shut and locked the door to his apartment, while fire-fighters were attempting to ventilate the place.

Bell was arrested and charged by police with interference with a peace officer and interference with a fire-fighter.