Craig Johnson, author of the popular "Longmire" books that inspired a now-cancelled television series about Sheriff Walt Longmire of the fictional Absorka county will stop by the Wind City Books, 152 S. Center St., at 5 p.m. Saturday.

Johnson will be promoting and signing copies of his new book, "Wait for Signs," a compilation of 12 short stories he's written over the years as Christmas presents to subscribers of his newsletter.

"They're little glimpses into Walt's life, maybe different periods of time, different pivotal moments to where things have happened in his life that have made him who it is that he is," he said. "Rather than include them in full-length novels, I just decided to let moments in his life stand alone."

The Longmire saga weaves the life of Absorka County, loosely based on Johnson County, and its fictional county seat Durant, from where Sheriff Walt Longmire tries to keep law and order, wrestle with his personal angels and demons after the murder of his wife, navigate the politics and business of whites and Native Americans, put forward a firm chin wield a dry wit.

Two years ago, the A&E Network launched a popular television series starring Robert Taylor based on the books, but canceled it in August.

Che cancellation angered thousands of fans.

The fans, Johnson, and show producer Warner Brothers are now looking for a new network.