Wyoming Liberty Group attorneys filed suit in the federal district court this week against Wyoming Secretary of State Max Maxfield, challenging the aggregate two-year individual contribution limit of $25,000 under Wyoming law as an unconstitutional abridgment of free speech. The suit is brought on behalf of Dan and Carleen Brophy of Wilson.

The lawsuit follows a recent decision by the United States Supreme Court, McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, which struck down aggregate contribution limits under federal law. The Court ruled that contribution limits per candidate adequately prevent corruption, and there is no justification for limiting contributions across the board.

WyLiberty attorneys asked the Secretary of State and Wyoming Attorney General to halt enforcement of the aggregate limits in April, which both offices declined to do. In June, WyLiberty staff attorney Steve Klein testified before the Joint Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions committee of the Wyoming Legislature in favor of changing the law.