Kanye West came and went from Wyoming almost as fast as his Kim Kardashian was ready to publicize the fact that she's now officially 'single' (despite the fact she's dating Pete Davidson). But while in Wyoming, Kanye had accrued plenty of properties. He had seven properties in Cody, his ranch in Greybull, and his property at Monster Lake Ranch just outside of Cody. However, it's been revealed that the latter is taking a hit on the financial side of things.

The Monster Lake Ranch sits on 3,888 acres and has two amazing fresh water trophy lakes. The property has a Bureau of Land Management lease, along with livestock corrals, equipment sheds, hay meadows, and an equine facility. If you're still not impressed, there's a lodge, a commercial kitchen, your everyday go-kart track, and plenty of trophy trout fishing to be done. Let's not forget the views of the Absaroka Mountains and sandstone cliffs all around.

West had originally purchased the property for $14 million. Back in October, the property went on the market for $11 million. So he stands to lose about $3 million on the sale. Kanye also didn't develop any of the property during his stay.

The listing for the sale of Kanye's former property at Monster Lake Ranch is listed with JW Robinson of DBW Realty, who recently told 'House Digest':

It has two freshwater lakes. The outstanding trout fishing is unmatched in quality and quantity. There are several new upgrades at the ranch, including adult and child go-carts on an asphalt track.

Prior to West owning the property, the spot had been used primarily for tourists to do some hunting, fly fishing, shooting sports, and also horseback riding. It's known as being 'one of the best stillwater fisheries in the country', as fly fishing master Denny Rickards told 'House Digest'.

So let's take a look at this Monster Lake Ranch...

Monster Lake Ranch

Kanye has put this amazing property on the market for $11 million so if you happen to have that sitting around, then you can live lavish like the rapper was during his time in Wyoming. DBW Realty is the company that the property is listed with so if interested, feel free to contact them.

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