"Let's get together and have too much food." That was our motto with some friends here in town every time Super Bowl rolled around (or any other occasion we could dream up).

Although the tradition with those folks has gone somewhat by the wayside, we seem to maintain the spirit of it at game time. Dips, spreads, wings, appetizers, sandwiches; whatever tickles our fancy for the day shows up in abundance no matter how many folks are joining us.

Football Food is a must-have for anyone sitting down to the game, it seems, so our Morning Show crew, myself, Roger Gray, and Frank Gambino thought we'd share a couple of our favorites from the simple to the sublime (that's Roger's wife's brisket recipe).

Please share yours as well, either here or on our Facebook page. Maybe we'll be adding your go-to dish to our party.

Susan Burk

Susan's Crab Meat Spread (This is a favorite of my family for many events. It's inexpensive and easy, two of our requirements).


one 8 ounce package of cream cheese, room temperature; one bottle of your favorite seafood cocktail sauce; one six ounce can of white crab meat (not lump).

Spread the cream cheese into a layer across a dinner or serving plate. Drain the crab meat, and mix in a a bowl with about a half to three-quarters of the bottle of cocktail sauce (depends on taste). Spread the crab meat mixture over the cream cheese, serve with crackers of your choice. If want to shake it up a little, you can sprinkle a little dill and/or garlic salt over the cream cheese before adding the crab meat mixture.


Frank's Fritos® and Chili (Frank likes the "keep it simple" method).

Ingredients: One can of chili, one bag of Fritos® Corn Chips. Optional grated cheese and diced onion. 

Put some chips in a bowl, heat up the chili, pour it over the top. Add cheese and onion if you want. (See, told you. The basics. We were lucky to get him to come up with something).


Roger Gray

Karen Gray’s Brisket

“I’ve been asked if I smoked it,

by a dyed-in-the-wool Texan.

I hated to tell a secret,

It’s just some know-how in the kitchen.

I hope you’ll like it, our time-tested brisket,

Just try it. I promise you’ll be mighty glad you fixed it.”


(OK, it's not Byron, but her brisket is terrific.)

-          For a 3lb. lean brisket, multiply ingredients if needed.

-          3 tablespoons of “Liquid Smoke”

-          2 tablespoons  Lee & Perrin’s Worcestershire

-          1 teaspoon garlic salt

-          1 teaspoon onion salt

-          2 teaspoons celery seed

-          BBQ sauce, you’re favorite (for eating not for the recipe)

-          Preheat oven to 250

-          Mix up everything but the brisket and the BBQ sauce

-          Either put the brisket in a Reynold’s Oven Bag or use enough foil to tightly envelope it and place in a casserole dish or broiler pan that fits it.

-          Before you close bag or foil, put fatty side up and our sauce over the brisket. I leave celery seeds till now, and spread evenly over the brisket.

-          Fold the bag into an envelope that fits the brisket but tight enough to surround it in liquid.

-          Bake at 250 for about 5 hours. Remember this is for a 3lb brisket, so adjust time for another hour per pound.

-          Take out and when it is cool enough to open the bag, slide the brisket onto a cutting board.

-          With a large knife, scrape off the fat from the top, and you should be left with a nice, lean piece of meat.

-          Cover with foil and let it sit for 20-30 min. then slice against the grain and it will be so tender you’ll have trouble making neat strips.

-          If you make sliders, spread the BBQ sauce liberally and thinly sliced onions are great along with jalapenos. Some folks would add pickles.

She has a great recipe for potato salad and deviled eggs, if anyone wants me to add them.


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