Former Cheyenne City Councilwoman Judy Case took to the airwaves on Saturday to respond to comments made about her by Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr last month.

At a news conference on Oct. 25, the mayor said Case had been fired "over 20 years ago" from a job at the Wyoming Legislature for abusive behavior towards an elderly doorman.

Mayor Orr, who at the time was a legislative lobbyist, said a report she made about Case's behavior contributed to a decision to fire case. The mayor claimed the incident led to a grudge that has prompted Judy Case's son, current City Council President Rocky Case, to lie about her and to indulge in a vendetta against her during her current term in office.

Rocky Case has denied lying about the mayor and has questions has raised about various issues involving the mayor have not been motivated by any kind of grudge, but rather by concerns about spending and city policy.

Judy Case on Saturday disputed Orr's version of events, saying she was not fired from the legislature and disputed Orr's time frame of the event in question. She said the real issue was that Orr (Marian Schulz at that time), did not like being questions=ed about money she was being paid as a lobbyist.

Judy Case on Saturday also questioned some spending of a $100,000 award the city received from the Bloomberg Philanthropies in 2018 and decisions made by the mayor while in office. You can hear the entire interview with Case in the audio attached to this article.

You can see the comments made by Mayor Orr at her news conference here.

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