A bill allowing the carry of concealed weapons without a permit waits to be heard in the Wyoming House.

It's author, Senator Kit Jennings, meantime, takes issue with criticism of the way the policy would work.

Mike Burnett, speaking for the Fraternal Order of the Police, says the degree of self regulation in the bill is the wrong approach.  Jennings says Burnett's comments come out of a misunderstanding of a  conversation overheard.

"I had a discussion with Chief Pagel.  His concern was how would he implement the law as written. What I explained to the Chief was that all of the same conditions apply to get a permit to carry as for a non-permit to carry except its an after the fact enforcement instead of up front enforcement."

Jennings explains that the law would allow for the assumption that every individual meets the conditions for concealed carry until proven otherwise.

"You cant have a history of drug abuse, you can't have a history of alcoholism, you can't be committed to a mental institution. On the U.S. code that's still in there you can't be a felon or in pursuit by officers."

Jennings admits that the discovery of a person carrying outside the prescribed conditions would likely come about in the event the person breaks a second law. The implications of that are part of what leaves Mike Burnett in opposition to the bill.

Jennings concurs that the bill does eliminate any requirement for weapons training.

A first offense for failure to meet the conditions allowed for concealed carry is a misdemeanor- a fine of up to 750 dollars and no more than six months in jail-  a second offense would be a felony.

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