Wyoming is about the experience a shot of FALL WEATHER.

Wait what?

I'm writing this during the first week of August 2023.

We've had warm summer weather like we are used to.

What we are not used to is all the rain we have been getting and a green state in the middle of summer.

By the end of this first week of August here comes COLD WEATHER?

Cold by Wyoming summer standards.

Don Day of Day Weather and Cowboy State Daily explains in the video below.

Here comes the summer monsoons.

That's an up-flow of moister from around Mexico.

A high-pressure system is turning, south of us, and bringing that moisture up.

That's where your rain is coming from.

So where is that cool air coming from?

That same turning air down below us is going to help draw in cooler air from the north.

The wet and that cool air actually brings a possibility of SNOW for some of Wyoming's highest elevations.

That does not mean it will snow up there, but conditions do open the door for it.

Expect at least 10 days of temperatures in the 60's and 70's, depending on where you live.

Then, the dog days of summer will return.

Big Cheese Photo
Big Cheese Photo

But how can this be?

You were told that this was the hottest summer - EVER!

There is a drumbeat in the mainstream media and with climate activists that claims summer 2023 has been the hottest ever recorded...  

But this is NOT what meteorologists and climatologists are saying.

Just recently, Don Day, meteorologist of Day Weather, further debunked the media hype.

Scroll to 1:32 in the video below and hear what he has to say about it.

He starts by saying:

I"m going to show you a couple of maps that you may not belive.

The preception is, if you are reading or watching the news, that the entire country is under a massive heat wave.

Well, this is really not true.


He goes on to explain temperature averages and why extreme climate claims don't make any sense.

He then shows the actual data that proves this summer's temperature to not be anything special.

You might have heard the news media breathlessly reporting that, over the 4th of July holiday, Worldwide record high temperatures were set on back-to-back days.

Well, that's not true either!

Here is how the sensational headline was reported. Then let's look at how we know this is NOT TRUE!

While July is usually a very hot month, data from the U.S. National Centers for Environmental Prediction shows the global average temperature hit 62.92 degrees Fahrenheit on July 4.

The previous record was set just a day before on July 3, with an average temperature of 62.62 degrees. The change from July 3 to 4 was a jump of 0.3 degrees – a big increase, considering it’s a global average.

Before that, the hottest average global temperature was 62.46 degrees, set in August 2016.  (NPR).

The next few days after were supposed to be just as hot.


First, we have trouble collecting accurate temperature data even in modern times.

There have been numerous problems in collecting temperature data due to inaccurate methods and flawed recording station installation.

Errors Cited in Assessing Climate Data - The New York Times
Aug 12, 2005Errors Cited in Assessing Climate Data. By Andrew C. Revkin. Aug. 12, 2005. Some scientists who question whether human-caused global warming poses a threat have long pointed to records that showed ...

But even if these numbers were accurate, the hottest day on record means nothing because we have only been keeping accurate records for a very short time, here on Earth.

Even today, we lack sufficient data.

So there is NOT enough data, even in modern times, to make the claim of a "hottest global temperature".


Here in Wyoming, meteorologists have been asking the general public to become part of a volunteer group of weather watchers, equipment provided, because we don't have enough equipment across the west to collect the data needed to give us an accurate weather model.

We have no idea what the temperature was 100 years ago. Very few people kept records that long ago. Very few people were capable of keeping accurate records.

We have NO CLUE what happened 1000 years ago.

We do know that it was hotter 5000 years ago than it is today. But how hot? We have NO idea.

The data from this recent fake study was cherry-picked.

Here in Wyoming, we have had temperatures in the 50s and 60s in the middle of this summer, 2023.

Girl suffering a heatstroke refreshing with a fan

Some temperatures in the Arctic were higher. That might alarm the public because we think of the artic as constantly freezing.

At one point in far northern Canada was hotter than Miami.

Dr. Matt Wielicki, former assistant professor in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Alabama and author of “Irrational Fear,” told Cowboy State Daily that the methods of measurement to come to this global average temperature are too imprecise to measure temperature to a second decimal place.

“We're measuring in thousands of little locations, and then we're extrapolating another 90% or more.

If you are really being honest about the errors, we don't know a global average temperature to that metric,” Wielicki said.  (CSD).

Earth melting into water

We are then left asking the question, why do so many major news organizations report this claim of a hottest day, without looking into it and asking questions?

True journalism is hard to find.

Thanks to those few news organizations, I only found 3, that actually asked questions and did a little research, rather than just believing what was in the press release and passing it on.

To give you an idea of how lazy most news organizations are, let's go back to a story I covered a few years ago.

Nation wide not one reporter bothered to check this story to see if it was true.


Star Tribune via Getty Images
Star Tribune via Getty Images

A few years back a press release was sent out by a Massachusetts company claiming that they were building THE WORLD'S FIRST FLYING CAR.

The press release was repeated, verbatim, by news organizations across America and even in other parts of the world.

Nobody, not one reporter, bothered to just simply GOOGLE flying car.

I did.

The first flying car was built in the late 1940s.

Many car companies have tried to build and sell flying cars in the years following. The cars work, but they have not sold very well.

The Taylor Aerocar was built in the early late 1940s and 1950s. A few were actually sold but only one is still flying.

It was sold at Barrett Auto Auction about 3 years ago.

The Aerocar comes with a pusher propeller that runs off the same engine that powers the wheels. The engine is behind the backseats to make that easier.

Once the Aerocar is landed, the wings can be removed and attached to the extended tail section in a flush manner.

Below are photos of how the wings attach for driving, and the interior of the Aerocar. Farther Below the two photos, you can watch a video and see the Aerocar arriving at its new home in Colorado.

The owner of the Taylor Aerocar wants to remain anonymous. I'm sure he would love to keep the location of the Aerocar a secret too, but that simply will not be possible if he intends to fly it.

Star Tribune via Getty Images
Star Tribune via Getty Images
The Enthusiast Network via Getty
The Enthusiast Network via Getty

Double Decker Coffee Bus

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