There's no doubt that the citizens of Natrona County have some of the biggest hearts in the state. From helping with charitable events, donating money and/or products for one of the many auctions, or taking time out of their busy schedules to help around the county.

Natrona County Emergency Management released the volunteer numbers that impacted training and emergency response for all of 2023. Those numbers are quite incredible.

During the 2023 year, the hard work of 58 of our volunteers totaled more than 2,800 hours of service across various training and emergency response in our community. Based on the independent sector volunteer rate, that's more than $89,000 in value provided to Natrona County citizens.

When you comb through the numbers, it's amazing the time and dedication that volunteers go to help others.

All-in-all, there were 58 individual volunteers that provided $89,000 in value to the county totaling up over 2,800 hours.

  • 43 General Volunteers
  • 9 Person Dive Group
  • 4 Team K9 Group
  • 20 Person Search & Rescue Group
  • 10 People with COMMS Group
  • 4 Person tracking team

As we begin 2024, you can start your volunteering efforts for the year. All you'll need to do is contact the Natrona County Emergency Management Agency via email

The volunteering and size of the heart may not be why Natrona County has the number 1 on the license plate, but for this article, it does.

Goals of Emergency Management

Emergency Management is a comprehensive and organized agency that focuses on analysis, planning, decision-making, and the assignment of available resources to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from the effects of all hazards. The goals of the Emergency Management Administration are to:


Save lives

Prevent injuries

Protect property and the environment

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