A man serving time for second-degree murder has escaped from a minimum-security prison camp in northeastern Wyoming.

Bob Hardy, spokesman at Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp in Newcastle, says 56-yr-old, William Coomer, was discovered missing Tuesday afternoon.

"At the 4 o'clock facility count yesterday afternoon they came up one short. They called an emergency count immediately and when it confirmed that we were one short, that was when Mr. Coomer was determined to be on escape status."

Hardy says Coomer was last seen on work detail outside of the grounds perimeter fence spraying weeds at around 1pm. He says area law enforcement agencies and residents were alerted as soon as he was found missing.

"Mr Coomer is approximately 5 ft 10 inches tall, 200 pounds. He has blue eyes. He had brown hair that's greying. It's mostly grey now. He has tattoos on his arms."

Hardy says Coomer is a Texas native who was sentenced in 1982 to 20 years to life. He was paroled in 1999 and sent to prison again in 2000 for a parole violation. Hardy say he should be considered armed and dangerous.  People are urged to call local  law enforcement or Newcastle dispatch at (307) 746-4486  with any information.