Wyoming Highway 220 is open again after a semi-truck hauling a load of bees crashed near the Goose Egg turnoff. The closure lasted about six hours, during which they were allowing traffic past the site in small groups, but for about an hour during the afternoon, they stopped traffic in both directions so they could deal with the bees.

Wyoming Highway Patrol Lt. Terry Vincent said they couldn't just leave the bees there to pose a hazard, and they closed both directions of travel so the firefighters could work in relative safety.

Can't just leave the bees:

"Both east and westbound right now we currently have the road shut down and they're burning off the bees, spraying them with diesel and setting them on fire. They're a hazard on the side of the road; we've got to do something with them. We can't just leave them there to be dealt with later so we're burning them off as best we can."

But again, Highway 220 to Rawlins in open again, although drivers may want to keep their windows closed near the Goose Egg area.

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