A strong low pressure system will push through the state of Wyoming today.  This will bring scattered snow showers to western and northern Wyoming and windy conditions to central and southeastern portions of the state.  Gusting has already exceeded 70 mph across the southeast, and gusts between 45 and 70 mph will be common for the rest of the day.  Blowing snow, zero visibility, drifting and blizzard conditions will continue across parts of central and southeast Wyoming.   Temperatures will be mild across most of the state (20's to 30's with some 40's) with the exception of the higher mountains and northeast Wyoming, where temps will be in the teens at best.  A strong arctic cold front will move into and then remain settled over northeastern portions of the state by early Tuesday morning, which will continue to create snow shower activity across this area.  Meanwhile, expect mostly sunny skies, mainly dry weather conditions, and seasonal temperatures across the rest of the state.  Winds will lessen on Tuesday, but still remain strong across central and southeastern Wyoming.  Expect gusts between 35 and 55 mph at times, which will continue to create areas of blowing snow and reduced visibility.  The cold front that stalled over the northeast will slowly dig south on Tuesday evening and overnight.  Flurries or light snow showers will be possible across all of eastern Wyoming during this time.