On a recent trip up on Casper Mountain, the conversation came up about survival if something happened and you ended up lost and had to survive in the snow and cold.

I don't like the thought of being caught unprepared and always try to have some survival equipment with me. Food, water, ways to stay warm and a first aid kit.

After the 'How to survive in the snow' conversation, I jumped into action and began researching what is needed to increase the chance of survival if an overnight stay was needed.

Knowing how to build an emergency snow shelter may be the difference between life and death when stuck out in the cold. Former Marine and founder of Pathfinder School, Corporal Shawn Kelly, enjoys teaching the basic survival skills you'll need to make it in an emergency situation.

The Corporal has a great YouTube page dedicated to survival and teaching the skills to help ensure safety. Corporals Corner is full of instructional videos building camp in many different situations and is well worth spending your downtime watching.

In this Emergency Snow Shelter video, he does a great job explaining what to do if you're caught in an emergency situation. He even gives you a rundown of all the equipment and supplies that he uses during the setup.

For basic survival all he really uses is snow, emergency blankets, a knife, string and a shovel. It looks pretty simple, but in the video he says it took him nearly 2 1/2 hours to complete it. (He was videoing and doing the instructions, so that may have added to the time). Check out the steps and check out the video to watch in full detail.

Building An Emergency Snow Shelter

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